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Whatsapp Message Board module

  • Has anybody tried yowsup framework for whatsapp messaging?
    It would be great to use the Mirror as a Whatsapp Message Board for family members…
    and to receive “operational” messages from the Mirror under certain circunstances.

  • Hi, i didn´t use it, but in a local facebook group, people written, that they have only problems whit this. But I didn´t use or read a lot about it… I can only say what other have posted.

  • Module Developer

    So I came across this and thought I would have a look at it, turns out that whatsapp does not officially support any api and even has taken quite a few down with legal claims. Loved the idea but not going to try.

  • I advise to not use yowsup. If you take a look at the issue section people complain about their number being banned all the time. A few days ago I decided to tackle the problem and to scrap necessary data using the official web client. It’s a pain in the butt collecting the data sending them via an http post request to the node helper and from there to the actual module but it’s working stable for me right now. Getting the profile icon is something I have been looking at for a very long time and it’s still unresolved. While I can get a temporary link to the pictures displaying those will not work due to permission errors. Converting is not allowed due to chrome enforcing the cross origin header strictly. Maybe the pictures can be proxied over the node js server… who knows. Even after authenticating electron (the smart mirror browser, putting a hyperlink to the web.whatsapp page in the module to be able to get to the qr code authentication page) the images still don’t want to load even though they work great on a different machine).

    Anyways. Work in progress, sorting is up on my list and styling still needs to be done as well.
    WhatsApp Preview

  • @Patex It looks awesome.
    Could you share the module link?

  • @cyberdie I’ll do so once it runs really stable and the sorting is implemented correctly. This shouldn’t take more than a few days.

  • Thanks @Patex !

  • @Patex Any update about the module?

  • I want to find the latest version of whatsapp

  • @SidneyMckinney not here

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