I'm so bad at applying the reflective film! Any advice?

  • Hi, so I’ve tried applying the film to acrylic probably ten times now. There are always air bubbles. I always scratch the acrylic with excessive squeegee use. I’m also seeing a rainbow discoloration after I apply the film (I think this is from spraying on too much Gila application solution).

    I’ve used thin and thick acrylic. Right now I’m actually thinking the thin, highly flexible acrylic is the better option even though it distorts the reflection easily. I think I am just going to glue it to the monitor and that will provide all the rigidity it needs. What do you think about that?

    My real challenge though is just applying the film to any piece of acrylic. I’m horrible at it. I’ve gotten good enough that I can get it mostly flat on the acrylic before I start to squeegee. If I see any wrinkles or bubbles I’ll lift the film back up, straighten it out, and then lay it back down straight. That works pretty good. Then I trim the excess film with a ruler and exacto knife. Then I squeegee from the center to the right, stopping about an inch from the edge. Then I do the left. Finally I squeegee the edges. But every freaking time I get bubbles or crinkles. Can you share some tips on how to do this right?

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    I tried this as well and failed the rendering was not good( at least to my taste )
    I would recommend to go for a glass and apply the film on it.
    My method:
    Clean the glass with a window clearer product and use ( sorry for my english) a dedicated glass cleaner napkin to avoid dust at the maximum.
    again to avoid any dust use a vacuum to have your glass 100% clean
    Then with a sprayer, put inside some water and a drop of soap.
    Spray on your glass and then apply the film starting at the bottom and evacuate the water while you progress developing the film.
    you shouldn’t get any air bubble by doing this way .

    Note : do not cut the film on edge once it is done leave a few millimeters on each side and let it dry for a couple of days . Once dry you can cut the edge of the film to fit your glass.

    Hope it helps .


  • Allright, I’ll give this a go. I wonder if part of the problem is the acrylic flexing. …I’ll probably try it this weekend. I’ll post pictures.