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Problems mit config.js

  • Thx for helping. I have done this in this way (but with pm2 start and I allready became the Raspian Desktop 😞

  • do you do this via ssh or directly on the raspi?

  • i have testet is myself via ssh.

    pm2 stop mm -> pm2 delete mm -> pm2 save


    sudo reboot

    After the reboot there is no mm in the processlist. Now i do pm2 start and pm2 status. At the End sudo reboot. When the raspi is up, the mirror starts without any Problems via pm2.

    Is it possible, that anything goes wrong during the Installation of pm2?

  • Ich have tested directly and with ssh. Ich will try to install pm one more time.

  • I allready tried your way step by step. Everything worked but not the autostart of the mm. I just can start it manually with pm2 start
    DonΒ΄t know how to get a autostart for the mm.
    Here is the information from the pm2 status:
    β”‚ App name β”‚ id β”‚ mode β”‚ pid β”‚ status β”‚ restart β”‚ uptime β”‚ cpu β”‚ mem β”‚ watching β”‚
    β”‚ mm β”‚ 0 β”‚ fork β”‚ 1123 β”‚ online β”‚ 0 β”‚ 6s β”‚ 0% β”‚ 2.3 MB β”‚ disabled β”‚
    Use pm2 show to get more details about an app

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    @Hakupapa The autostart should happen automatically. Once you start the mirror with pm2 restart and it is running, and then do pm2 save, pm2 should save the current status (which is, your mirror application is running), and try to restore it after a reboot, or even after the program crashes.

    If it really does not do this, maybe try updating as described here?

  • speciall thx my dear. I have reached the problem in another way. I wrote this command into the rc.local:
    su pi -c β€˜/home/pi/ &’
    And now I have the MM after reboot. I am so happy πŸ™‚

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