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[ORDER CLOSED] Two way mirror order in Germany

  • Servus, danke für den hinweis! ich bin auch schon lange auf der Suchs nach einem vernünftigen Spiegel.
    Bis heute nur im Ausland etwaige exemplare gefunden.

    Hätte schon interesse an ein zwei oder drei Stück.

    Hab einen bei ebay gekauft.

    8mm glas, 232,50€ /m²,freier Versand, lieferung durch eigenen Fahrer des verkäufers.

    Hello, thank u very much for this info. I’m searchin for a very long time such a good quality of an two way mirror. The only one that i found was in the Netherlands, USA and GB.

    I’ intresting in one. two ore more.

    i have buy one from ebay 8mm glass, 232,50€ /m², free shipping by sellers own driver.

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    @Cato said in Two way mirror order in Germany:

    @yawns Where he say that?

    Hi Cato,
    His comment is below the pictures.
    Please note this is with regards to the mirror, not the one offered in this thread!

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz
    Your mirror looks very good! Crystal clear!

    Since you seem to know about glass, can you tell me something about how the mirror is made?
    I learned there are two ways.

    One version of mirrors has an evaporated coating (aufgedampfte Beschichtung) as reflection material on the glass.

    The other version works with a reflecting foil in the middle (Verbundglas).

    The evaporated version might be vulnerable to scratches more than the foil which is protected by the glass.

    Can you tell me about your glass?

  • Damn! The mirror glass looks awesome!

    I’ll contact you for my next mirror! 😃

  • @frog Yes shipping to spain would be possible but I don´t know how high the shipping costs are.

    @sero The mirror can be picked up in Bavaria, near Schweinfurt. Schweinfurt is very central located in Germany.

    @Cato Shipping to Norway is also possible. If you are interested, I want to check the shipping costs.

    @yawns I contacted the glass suplier. The edges are rough cutted. Polishing is possible for 7,30 €/m

    @Dom1n1c @yawns The mirror in the top right corner is the Mirror from the producer of MyMirror. In my opinion it is in the direct comparison a way darker. That´s normal, because the thicker the glass, the lesser is the transmisson. That is also a normal behavior of normal Float glass.

    @lolobyte The problem is, that 8mm glass is realy heavy. Almost three times heavier. Also see my post above to @Dom1n1c @yawns about the transmisson.

    @done this mirror has an evaporated coating on a special sun
    protection glass. so it has two layers, which make this mirror so clear and great. Yes it is a little more volunable to scratches than glass with a reflecting foil inside (because the foil is between two glasses and you can´t get any contact with it). However the version with the foil in the middle is really heavy, because you have two glasses and also two times weight. If you use your mirror normal and don´t use a key or a really dirty sponges to clean the mirror,scratches are no problem with the offered mirror 😉

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz
    Youre right. I Have exactly the same dimension 80x60cm.
    I must say its heavy, yes, but id didn’t find any other sources.

    What is approx. the price for a Mirror like yours?

    Sweinfurt is not very far awy from my home.

    I could pick them up in your business.

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    @Goldjunge_Chriz for me the result looks really great, nice reflection and still having good readable ui of the modules. i would be interested to build a huge mirror with a display just in a corner, would be interesting to know if it is visible where the display ends or there is no clear border around it

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz thx for your offer! really cool. could you please let me know how much it would cost to send to swiss pls? thx

  • @lolobyte See my first post. The gross price is 296 € per squarmeter including freight, energy costs and truck toll. The condition for each mirror is that your area must be more than 0,4 sqaremeter.

    @strawberry-3-141 With my monitor here and the one at work it is a seamless transition. I think it depends on your monitor.

    @bibi This depends on the measurements you want. And than I need a good package for the mirrors. I will learn how to pack the mirrors if there are enough interested people to get the 20 squaremeter.

    I think I will take a thick styrofoam plate (40mm), cut it in two pieces, mill a trough with the size of each mirror in one side and put them together again. I think this would be very safety for transportation and there is no problem with the shipping. What do you think about that? I would do the work for free for you all, I only want the costs for the styrofoam plate and the shipping costs to each of you everywhere here in europe 🙂

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    @Goldjunge_Chriz would you describe the black of your monitor as bright or dimmed?

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