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Infinity Magic mirror

  • Hey guys, I hope we are all doing great. So I was there today and an idea grabbed on to my head ( lol yes, it actually did) and I wanted to ask you guys about it. How about we build a magic mirror that actually looks like a portal ? Fo you think it will be a cool project? Or I should forget about the idea ? Lol. let me know what you guys think.

  • Module Developer

    Infinity means this?

    But In that case we need “Transparent LCD” for that effect.

  • @Sean yeah , exactly. But transparent lcd? I have never heard of one. Is it like the one above? If my imagination is right then I think it will be awesome.

  • Module Developer

    The infinity effect comes from infinite reflection between 2 mirrors(one spymirror, one common mirror). See the first image and Imagine to put ugly bearbone LCD panel or frame, instead “K” mark. I can bet that would be not what you want really. (But if you want, who cares.)
    If your intent was “Floating things between infinity reflection”, in that case transparent LCD will be needed.

  • @Sean yeah , I would need a transparent lcd. Hopefully there’s a way to turn the current led monitor am using into a transparent monitor. Is that a good idea ?

  • Module Developer

    You can tear down normal TFT-LCD and remove backlight, then you can get thin transparent LCD film. The only problem is, without back-Light, you cannot see anything. But Infinite mirror might not be bright due to it’s structure.
    If you can get transparent OLED, it will work with dark background, but so expensive really.

  • @Sean thats so expensive. Maybe I will try this again some time in the future. Thanks though.

  • hey, maybe it’s possible by replacing the common mirror of infinity mirror by two-way mirror and put your monitor behind ? i don’t know but maybe the infinite effect would be less strong .

    (sorry if my English is not very good i’m french)

  • Magic Mirror is a lithograph print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher first printed in January, 1946. It depicts a mirror standing vertically on wooden supports on a tiled surface. The perspective is looking down at an angle at the right hand side of the mirror.
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