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Creating an "Intelligent" LED-light with the weather module?

  • Hello Guys,

    A friend of mine and me are doing a school project with a Smart-Mirror and we have almost zero knowledge in javascript and python etc. We managed to modify the modules (Weather,Compliments, Calendar and Clock) to our location etc. but we want to make an “intelligent” Led lighting to the Mirror.

    Is it possible to use the information from the weather module (openweathermap) to adjust the lights (for example if the temperature is cold, the lights turn more white-blueish, if the temeperature is normal ist more like green and if its hot the lights turn more red) For the Leds we use Wiring pi and we can adjust the colors manually but is it possible to use the information provided from the weather module to control the lightning?

    Greetings from Germany

  • currently the weather module does not advise other modules of the current weather info…

    you could add that tho.

  • Module Developer

    currentweather can emit notification “CURRENTWEATHER_DATA”, {data: data}).

  • @Sean got it… but weather module does not

  • Module Developer

    Sorry I thought you guys saying about “currentweather” module.

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