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2nd try Smart Mirror, 30" monitor and 110cm wide

  • @DiyMagnus can you post some images, how did you make the “hardwork”? I mean, how did you fix the position of HW components (there is some wood desk on the back?) and how did you add the mirror (glue?). I like frameless design…

    thanks Zdeněk

  • @zdenek

    Hello Zdenek. Yes ofcourse. The frameless design is actually with drill holes in the glass ( 6mm) which gets covered up by small caps. (Ebay search link here:

    For the backboard I bought what I think is called a chipboard and cut it roughly about 20 mm smaller than the mirror one very side.
    To align the HW components, the components were modelled in a CAD program (Fusion 360) and fitted into a sort of a container that could be screwed into the chipboard. Picture here: alt text. Used a 3D printer for that.

    I had to use a woodplate for the back, since I made the backlight myself. Tell me if you are considering the same and have som valuable information on backlights, since I know barely enough to make this work, otherwise a steel frame would might be a better and more elegant option.

  • hi @DiyMagnus . Thank you very much. I’m scared to drill holes into the mirror. And it seems I’ve to buy 3D printer 🙂

    one more quesion - how is it mounted on the wall?

    thanks, Zdeněk

  • @zdenek Oh no. I didn’t drill the holes myself. I tried to do it on some broken pieces I had lying around, and it did not succeed. the mirror was ordered from Brigla-glass in germany, where they cut it and drilled it after my instructions.
    You could also just screw the components onto the wood board, which would also work I believe. the 3D print is mostly just because I want it all in the same spot and on one board.

    I used two screws to mount the backboard onto the wall, by drilling into concrete and using wallplugs. Then mounted the mirror by using 80mm screws to go through the backplate and into the wall aswell.

    Here is a picture of the one I mad and sold if you’d like to see the finished product.
    alt text

    The current daylight is too much for the bright room the mirror is placed in so the text is not so clear. The glass only has 8% transmissivity. I am switching it out for a new one that has 25% transmissitivity + some more powerfull backlights for the TV, which will make it as clear during the day as night as you see in the first pictures.

  • hi @DiyMagnus thanks, it’s great…

  • @zdenek You’re welcome 👍

  • Hey! Awesome design, I really like the edgeless look! I noticed you are from Denmark as well! I’ve programmed my mirror by having trouble finding the right glass. Could you tell me where you get yours? 😃

  • nice job looks very good.
    would please share the moduls you use with us thanks

  • @hayman Do you mean the app running on the mirror itself? Its homemade, unfortainely. If wanted I can upload it to github if you’d wish.

    @mdhenriksen Thank you!! 🙂 The glass is bougt from germany. Called Brigla glass. link here:

  • @DiyMagnus i like the anolog clock which one do you use …?