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Flashing and green lines after couple of minutes

  • Hi all,

    Finally got to building my own MagicMirror and am quite pleased with the result. I am however running into an issue I can’t get fixed on my own. I’m hoping someone out here might have a good suggestion that will fix the issue.

    When my mirror’s been on for a couple of minutes the screen starts flashing and shows green lines about every other line on the display.

    I have been searching for solutions and tried some stuff to fix it, including:

    • replacing the power supply to rule out low voltage issues,
    • replace the hdmi cable, to rule out issues with that,
    • configure hdmi_boost=6 in config.txt, seems to have helped people with similar issues,
    • simplyfy MagicMirror config, to rule out issue is due to my modules

    The weird this is, if I disable MagicMirror (pm2 stop mm) before it starts flashing, it won’t flash even after an hour. If it has started flashing nothing seems to help, except turning off and on power or a full reboot of the pi.

    I’m using a Raspberry pi 3B+

    Edit: here’s a short video of what I see:

  • @qistoph try disabling the GPU.
    Stop pm2 instance, try this from terminal window

    npm --disable-gpu start

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    That looks a lot like what I had a few months ago. You can read more about it in this post.

    My solution was to go away from the “fake” OpenGL driver and to set the desktop resolution to “monitor default” instead of the monitor resolution. I don’t know which of those two fixed it.

  • @bhepler Thanks! Switching away from the fake driver seems to fix it.