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Something I'm working on ...

  • Admin

    Because the number of modules you guys created grew FAR above what I expected when I started this project, I think it couldn’t hurt to improve the discoverability of the modules. Because of this, I’m working on a new and improved website which includes a module search …

    In the future, I’ll add:

    • Module suggestions based on the modules you like.
    • Similar modules on a module page.
    • Modules per user (“Other modules by this developer”)

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know, although I won’t promise anything…

    It’s far beyond finished, but if you’re curious, feel free to check out the very early beta version:

    If you login with your github account, you should be able to add your modules. As a test I added some random modules.

    Please note that I might need to reset the database in the future. So don’t spent too much time on adding your modules. (Although a filled database would be helpful in the development.)

  • Module Developer

    Great idea! Super easy to add modules!

    Will you make the library browsable/searchable?

  • Module Developer

    I noticed that when looking at a single module the URL isn’t 100% friendly. It has a “8” in there.

    Maybe category? Will it stay constant?

    I would rather link to my modules in my signature to this page instead of to a forum post or GitHub repository. But then I have to trust the links to be permanent.

  • Admin

    Yes it will be searchable. You can already click on a tag or category to filter.

    The number you see in the link is the ID of the module in the database. This will anger change. Even if you change the name of your module, the link will remain working.

    If you have multiple modules, you can also link to an overview of all your modules: click on your name in the top right, and choose “my modules”.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Are you fine with using your api endpoint for mobile app or remote control?

  • Admin

    @strawberry-3-141 Feel free to use it, BUT …

    • Keep in mind the URL will change in the future.
    • I can’t promise it will stay the same.
    • Keep in mind that it will only give you a subset of the modules. (user query paramaters limit and offset to get more)

    If it turns out external API usage will be too heavy, I might limit the access using API keys.

  • Core Contributors

    Its great. With this, I was thinking is possible create a installer system, its somethings i was thinking from time ago.

    Using the API and the parameters of configuration per every module its possible create the section of module for add into the config.js

  • Admin

    By the way, this project is in a horrible raw early alpha stage … buttt, if someone is interested to contribute, the source code is available here:

    Be advised: the code needs a lot of refactoring and misses a lot of commenting.

    The frontend is a SPA based on Vue.js and a bit of Vuex. The Backend/Api is based on Laravel.

    If you clone the repo, take the following steps to get it up and running:

    • Run: composer install
    • Run npm install
    • Create an environment configuration: cp .env.example .env
    • Run php artisan key:generate`
    • Modify the database and github settings in the .env file. (You need to create a github app for testing.)
    • Run php artisan migrate --seed to setup the database.

    If you make any changes to /resources/assets/js or /resources/assets/sass, make sure to run gulp to compile.

  • Moderator

    @roramirez Installer system is a great idea, however this is something that @strawberry-3-141 will implement as a mobile app, from what I hear plus I am building something like this into my remote control (a website - currently on the develop branch). So maybe have a look at it, before you start something completely new. Although, if there is a good reason for building this again or in a different way, count me in.

  • Moderator

    Very nice, MichMich. I like the integration with github pulling almost all data and as such removing the need to enter description and all that over and over again. I added my modules

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