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News Feed

  • Hi all,
    Just wondering if it’s possible to change the format the news is shown on the mirror, from the brief one-line appearance at the bottom of the screen to a list of four maybe five headlines - as the weather is shown. Is this possible via modifying the current module or does a new module have to be made?

    Thanks in advance

  • Core Contributors

    I think is possible to modified the current module for add this behaviour. If present some config flag, like show_n_news could be a start.

  • Indeed, this would be fkin awesome. My own level of knowledge is not enough to accomplish this, unfortunately.

    A “simple” line in the config something along this: “number of entries” (with standard 1) would be exactly what I need. Although I realize to some it perhaps would become to cluttery.

    Day 2 EDIT: On second thought, considering how the newsfeed currently beautifully switches between posts, just adding more posts would make it very messy. I suppose what would be needed is a static list mode or a new module presenting news that way. As mentioned before I myself am on such noob levels that I could probably never build it (though I will try).

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