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MMM-MotionEye - surveillance video stream on your mirror!

  • Of cause, I’ve a more or less large screen but this is only one of some other positions I tried without success to prevent overlapping with other modules.
    Would be great if you could help with this of cause spezific problem.
    Thx in advance…

  • Hey there. My problem is, that I do not get an image one the screen, when using autohide.
    It works without using autohide.
    Is it true, that it appears - using autohide - if a motion is recognized?

    So motioneye is recognizing correctly, but obviously it does not parse the info to the module.
    this is my config:

    	   module: 'MMM-MotionEye',
    	   position: 'middle_center',
    	    config: {
    	        url: "http://motioneye:8081",
    	        autoHide: true,
    	        debug: true,
    	        animationSpeed: "2000",
    	        width: "300",

    Can someone please post a screenshot of the motioneye-config (as seen above) how the settings should be set?

    Thank You very much !!

  • Hi all,
    Just started my adventure with the MagicMirror, running into some problems with streaming 2 ipcams into MM.
    I installed Motioneye in the Rpi and also in the MM module.

    Both ipcams are visable when i log into Motioneye (in my case: but only a small icon appears in the MagicMirror.
    My config is:

    {                       module: 'MMM-MotionEye',
    			position: 'bottom_right',
    			config: {
    			url: "",
    			debug: true,

    I have tried all above mentioned ideas but to no succes.
    The cams are installed in Motioneye with:
    RTSP give me an error.
    Hope someone can help me out…

  • I have that more often than I can believe. That normally means motioneye crashed,. or something. there is no connection between MM and Motioneye.
    I do the login ins my http://IP:8081 an see if it is running,. normally then MM reloads the full image.

    Give it a try!

    BTW is there a way to let motioneye run through pm2 ?

  • Change Your port in the config.js from 8765 to 8081

  • @Binog
    Thanks, but still no succes, and would not know why it would work because i have nothing running on 8081?

    MM runs on 8080 and Motioneye runs on 8765

  • Have a look in motioneye under Videostreaming -> Streaming Port. Use that one,. with me it is 8081. and the snapshot port is 8765.

    Hopefully that helps.

  • Module Developer


    Seems many missunderstand the URL-parameter. This is the Streaming URL you have to find in MotionEye. It is not the URL of MagicMirror or the motion detection url you configure in MotionEye.

    As described in the


    Video Streaming URL. You find it in Motion Eye in the Video Streaming Section under Usefull URLs by by clicking the Streaming URL link. It should look something like this: http://motioneye:8081 (probably an IP instead of hostname).

    Open that URL in a browser and you should get a single animated JPEG. If not, then you have found the wrong URL!

    The URL that looks like this: http://magicmirror:8080/motioneye/1 has nothing to do with what image is visible in the module. This is an triggering URL for showing the image if it’s hidden and a motion that MotionEye detects. It should be configured in MotionEye and not this module. Skip this step unless you know what you are doing…

  • Hi all,
    I recently installed the current MM version on the current Jessie image to use on a RPI III. Everyting fine with the standard installation. Then I installed MotionEye on top but can’t get it running. I used the same config parms then in another installation but without success. I can see only a small icon on the screen where the stream should be visible. Surprisingly i can see everything on any other system using http:Ipaddress:8080. I can also switch on/off using wget but I see only a small icon on the MM system. Nothing helpful in the logs. I’m clueless at the moment. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Module Developer

    @Woody Can you send a screenshot of Video Streaming URL in MotionEye?

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