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Golang turned Java developer here. I NEED a walkthrough project to help me pick up the language. Any help?

  • Due to a new job, after two years of programming in Golang I now have to professionally program in Java.

    Now when I first started learning go, apart from a few syntax tutorials, the main source of my learning came from a few ebooks, (One by Jon Calhoun) that walked through, step by step, the building of some sort of application.

    I want that sort of resource again but just for java but I cant seem to find one. All the books are deep dives into the language and all the tutorials are videos of small projects.

    Does anybody know of any large project walkthrough available? Dont mind paying money either.

  • @DamianGerard well there is language, and then there is what you build with it.

    MagicMirror is built on JavaScript, which is different than java… similar but different.

    Java is best when used to implement object oriented solutions. And is strongly typed and case sensitive