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Will we ever get DDR5 on CPUs?

  • Even on DDR4, memory trace design has an effect on performance, so is it even practical to make a socketed DDR5 RAM system?
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    Again on DDR4, having quad channel has no significant performance impact compared to dual channel. If you want to overclock memory performance you have to drop those timings, merely increasing frequency again doesn’t make that much of a difference.

    I only recently upgraded to x299, and it came with some half decent RAM, which is definitely good enough, I mean even my old X79 system was good enough for gaming purposes. However I decided to get myself some B-die because I thought DDR4 might still stick around for a couple of years and I might be able to keep the good RAM even after my next upgrade.

    So yea, when, if ever do you think there will be DDR5 for the CPU?