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How can I play Solo Gaming

  • Yes, but only as a component of solo gaming. Usually, playing an rpg solo requires two components: a ruleset and an Oracle.

    Fate can definitely be the ruleset. You use it to answer things like “do I hit the monster?” and “can I convince the guard to let me past?” These are the usual questions any rpg answers.

    You then need an Oracle to answer questions like “is the monster a dragon?” and “are there guards in the room?” These are the sort of questions a GM answers.

    With these two available, you then have the ruleset and the GM role covered, and you can enjoy the player experience. There are lots of oracles on the market I like the mythic GM emulator, which you can get on drivethrurpg, but there are loads of others.

    The best resource I know of on the internet for solo gaming is Sophia Brandt’s website, which is just fantastic.