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VGA (not a HDMI) sleep via PIR-Sensor

  • Hi guys,
    I got my first Magic Mirror (it’s not a mirror but a display 🙂 ) ready after a huge time…

    Now as it stays in our kitchen it’s and burn power 24/7 😞

    I want to save power and looked therefore about the possibility shut the display off in time nobody is looking to it.

    I had a look to modules as MMM-PIR or MMM-PIR-Sensor and have the question if it is also possible for connected VGA-displays (connected with HDMI to VGA adapter to the Raspi)

    Is there any, I have to know, before I order the sensor and rework the placed mirror?

    Will one of these MMM-… work and save power and get the kitchen dark in the night?

    Many thanks for your help and please don’t ask if I was not able to search the WWW for answers before… I did! Maybe with wrong search words or total misunderstanding about the threads…

    Best regards, bdream

  • Module Developer

    I use MMM-PIR-Sensor successful on my mirror (i also have a VGA Monitor connected via an HDMI Adapter) to safe power.

    For your “safe power in the night” you can use another module, check MMM-ModuleScheduler (for scheduling) in combination with MMM-Remote-Control (for interaktions like monitor on/off).


  • Hi AxLED, many thanks for your replay!
    I’m off next two weeks and will try it afterwards.

    I thought it will not run with VGA connection :S
    So I’m happy with this information!

    Best regards, bdream

  • Hi AxLED,
    may I ask you for help please?

    I did connect a PIR to my Rpi to PIN 40 / BCM 21

    git clone
    cd MMM-PIR
    npm install

    Added the the config in the verry first line within the modules chapter

            module: 'MMM-PIR',
            position: 'top_center',
            config: {
                    sensorPin: 21,
                    delay: 10000,
                    turnOffDisplay: true,
                    showCountdown: true,
    //                callbackScripts: [""

    Nothing happen. No countdown starts. No Disply turn off.

    Wiring was inslalled already:

    pi@MagicMirror:~ $ gpio -v
    gpio version: 2.50
    Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Gordon Henderson
    This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    For details type: gpio -warranty
    Raspberry Pi Details:
      Type: Pi 3, Revision: 02, Memory: 1024MB, Maker: Sony
      * Device tree is enabled.
      *--> Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
      * This Raspberry Pi supports user-level GPIO access.

    And I tried this command an a reboot:

    sudo usermod -a -G gpio pi

    Have you got any hints for me please?

  • no idea what to do getting display off while noone is infront of it using PIR-Sensor?

    Cheers, bdream

  • Module Developer

    There are two Pir Sensor Modules. I use MMM-PIR-Sensor. Maybe this helps.

  • @bdream
    MMM-PIR uses the tvservice command (see MMM-PIR/callbackscripts/default for the two scripts)

    MMM-PIR-Sensor uses the /usr/bin/vcgencmd command

    YOU have to make sure the different approaches work

    my TV does NOT respond to ANY command…

  • Good Info!
    Will play next days with MMM-PIR and MMM-PIR-Sensor investigating about needed scripts vs. /usr/bin/vcgencmd command

    If I can’t get it run mayby I will add an relais to turn off the display…

    At the moment I have to understand the both approaches and what my display is able to handle.
    Could be no way is possible as it’s an verry old one.

    Cheers, bdream

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