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Almost done need to active my mirror by Phrase

  • so i got some time over today, to test it all,

    if i say: hide all module it dosent work
    but it if i say :Smart mirror hide all modules it works
    but mirror mirror on the wall i just get some saying from it, not show the modules.
    i need to say :smart mirror show all module it works

    can i some way change so i dont need to say smart mirror, just hide all module?

    i now need to trying found out what is wrong…dont know wher to start, i guees the .pdl i a good one

  • Module Developer

    You can use MMM-Hotword standalone without MMM-AsistantMk2 just to call simple Hotword as a command.
    Make your own .pmdl(“hide modules”). Then make a command of MMM-Hotword to be executed when “hide modules” be called.

  • @otto

    In config.js

                            module: "MMM-AssistantMk2",
                            position: "top_right",
                            config: {
                                 // --- ESSENTIALS / modifying for your environment might be needed.
                                deviceLocation: {
                                    coordinates: { // set the latitude and longitude of the device to get localized information like weather or time. (ref.
                                        latitude: 45.6307, // -90.0 - +90.0
                                        longitude: -72.9563, // -180.0 - +180.0
                                recipes: ["hide_and_show_all_modules.js","playlist.js","volume.js"],
                                defaultProfile: "default", // If you have several profiles and want to set one of them as default profile, describe here.
                                profiles: {
                                    "default" : { // profile name.
                                        profileFile: "default.json", // profile file name.
                                        lang: "fr-CA"
                                        //currently available (estimation, not all tested):
                                        //  de-DE, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-US, en-IN
                                        // fr-CA, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, es-ES, es-MX, ko-KR, pt-BR
                                    /* Add your other profiles here, if exists.
                                    "other_profile" : {
                                        profileFile: "other.json",
                                            lang: "de-DE"
                                record: { // Full values are in `FOR EXPERTS` section.
                                     recordProgram: "arecord",  // Defaults to "arecord" - also supports "rec" and "sox"
                                     device: "plughw:1"       // recording device (e.g.: "plughw:1")
                                notifications: {
                                    ASSISTANT_ACTIVATED: "HOTWORD_PAUSE",
                                    ASSISTANT_DEACTIVATED: "HOTWORD_RESUME",
                                play: { // Full values are in `FOR EXPERTS` section.
                                    playProgram: "mpg321", // recommended.
                                // --- OPTIONAL / not important but customizable for your usage
                                responseVoice: true, // If available, Assistant will response with her voice.
                                responseScreen: true, // If available, Assistant will response with some rendered HTML
                                responseAlert: true, // If available, Assistant will response with Alert module of MM
                                // Sometimes, any response might not be returned. responseAlert is useful for displaying error.
                                screenZoom: "80%", // Adjust responseScreen to your mirror size.
                                screenDuration: 0, // milliseconds. How long responseScreen will be shown after speech.
                                //If you set 0, Screen Output will be closed after Response speech finishes ASAP.
                                youtubeAutoplay: true, //If set as true, found Youtube video will be played automatically.
                                pauseOnYoutube:true, //If set as true, You cannot activate Assistant during youtube playing.
                                                     //Recommended for the performance (Because permanent hotword detecting might make performance lower)
                                youtubePlayerVars: { // You can set youtube playerVars for your purpose, but should be careful.
                                    "controls": 0,
                                    "loop": 1,
                                    "rel": 0,
    youtubePlayQuality: "default", //small, medium, large, hd720, hd1080, highres or default
                                useWelcomeMessage: "", //Try "brief today" as this value. You can use this value to check module working when MM is starting.
                                onIdle: {
                                //timer: 1000*60*30, // if you don't want to use this feature, just set timer as `0` or command as ""
                                //command: "HIDEMODULES",
                                   timer: 0,
                                   command: null,
                                onActivate: {
                                    timer: 0,
                                    //command: "SHOWMODULES"
                                    command: null,

  • @otto

    I think you can do that but it’s going to be painful since the mirror will listen and react to everything people say near him. The magic word (jarvis, mirrror mirror,etc…) is a safeguard to that behavior.

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