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I have these two files config.js and MMM-GooglePhotos.js

  • I am wondering why I have a config.js and MMM_GooglePhotos.js - which takes priority, or which one can I delete? I am trying to tweak my refresh rate and scan rate. And also tweak my show Height/Width and original Height/Width, but I have the similar info in both files. I did some research and found a recommendation to remove the module config from the config.js file . . . . but the album key is in the config.js files.

    I would prefer a little advice/guidance before deleting the module config from the config.js


  • @KalboDave MMM_GooglePhotos.js is the browser side code for the module.

    config.js is the MagicMirror configuration file, where u tell mm to include a module (found in a directory under MagicMirror/modules)

    U should never change the module js file. The system design takes what u specify in the config.js module definition, and updates the module values at runtime

  • @sdetweil I will stop messing with it then. Thanks for the info.

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