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  • I’m sure this gets asked a lot, but I’m a bit stuck here…

    What is the best glass option for a magic/smart mirror? Obviously mirror film on glass would be my cheapest option, but does it still work as well or will I end up with a crappy finished product?

    Would anyone in North America be able to direct me to a cheaper source for this? (As opposed to which will cost me a small fortune for the size I need)

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    Get a price here. I don’t know how it compares to what you’ve already seen.

    Personally, I’d stay away from the “film” stuff. I don’t think you’d be very happy dealing with it or the result.

  • yeh, thats why mine aren’t covered yet… I have a 55 in tv to cover…

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    @Mrr I’d second what @Mykle1 said. In the long run glass is the way to go, although it costs more. But the results are unmatched compared to film. It would be a pitty to save money on the wrong end. What size of the display are you talking?

  • @Mykle1 thank you! I’ll check that out and see if it helps me any 🙂

    @Fozi I’m thinking about using an old 32" tv screen, but now I’m wondering if I should aim smaller. I’m currently working on finding any leads as to cheaper source for the glass amongst my circle of friends, hopefully that will lower costs a bit too

    In terms of the thickness of the glass itself, how does this affect the display?

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    @Mrr The thickness of the glass does not affect the display, as transmission is refelctiveness is determined by the special cover on the surfaces of the glass. But it mak as huge difference in the weight of glass.
    Eg. I have a 4mmx50cmx70cm Pilkington Mirropane Chrome Spy which which weighs 3.5 kg. The 6mm version would weigh already 5.5 kg and had cost 30€ more. That said, just 2mm on these dimensions cause +2kg + nearly 50% more costs!
    So if you have now stability constrains, then 4mm are fine. Otherwise, if you need -due to constructional constraints of the frame- more stability, then go for 6mm.

  • Thanks @Fozi, that clears it up for me. I suppose I’m ready start shopping around for supplies then!

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