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Does location of HDMI ports matter?

  • So I’m looking into buying a second hand tv to use as my display, and I’ve heard varying opinions on HDMI port location. I’ve heard to try and find a tv where the port is located so that the HDMI cord runs parallel to the screen, but most TV’s that I’m seeing for sale would have the HDMI cord sitting perpendicular to the screen. I feel like this would add extra depth, as then the cord is sticking out, rather than laying flat against the display… Am I correct or does this really matter?

  • @Mrr they have 90 degree adapters if that is a problem… I have one here on my desk

    google search ‘hdmi 90 adapter’

    here is both style on the same cord
    90 right and other end is 90 down

  • @sdetweil thank you! This makes my life so much easier

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