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Mirror does not update after turning monitor back on

  • I have tried to search for this problem but to no avail.

    My mirror uses MMM-PIR-Sensor to turn on the screen when detecting motion, and then off again after 10 seconds. But most times the screen turns on, the UI is “out of sync” with the current time – the clock is wrong, modules haven’t been shown/hidden on schedule with MMM-ModuleScheduler, any Alerts that were triggered won’t show, etc. Sometimes I can see the screen “catch up” if I stay in front of it for a few seconds; sometimes the screen never catches up, and I have to restart the service. I can pull up a browser from another computer or on the Pi, point it at the MM server, and everything is fine on that device – this only seems to be a problem with the default npm start MM process.

    Has anyone experienced this issue?

  • This appears to be an issue with MMM-Remote-Control, which has a “MONITOROFF” command that I was using to turn off the display. That command executes tvservice -o, which according to this documentation “destroys any framebuffers/dispmanx layers associated with the display” that are not restored when the display comes back on. On their recommendation, I switched the command to vcgencmd display_power 0and my issues have gone away.

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