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MMM-Awesome-Alexa crashing and several other issues

  • Hello Guys,

    I got MM rolling and everything seems fine so far, except few issues I’ve spotted. The modules I am currently running are MMM-awesome-alexa and the default RSS, Weather and google calendar. All seems fine until the moment I ask Alexa something specific such as: “Alexa what’s new?” or “Alexa yoddle (lol)” then what happens is alexa accepts the command but the screen gets “semi” frozen (everything runs in the background) but seems like only MMM-Awesome-Alexa bugs out and until i do a ctrl+Q and let pm2 start it again then everything comes back to normal.

    I am wondering if this is some install module I am missing? Asking this because the second issue I am having is on my android phone I have “Amazon Alexa” app installed, however when i browse all devices I can see my magic mirror as a device there but it says it’s “Offline” which is annoying and I couldn’t find a solution/workaround to this since I would like to enable this feature so I can add calendar events with it through alexa (google calendar already linked and allowed to be accessed by avs)

    Any help would be much appreciated, I am happy to supply logs and traces if needed!

    Here’s some snips:
    magic mirror :
    Alexa App showing device as Offline:

    Cheers everyone!

  • Hi buddy, did you get any way out with this? I tried turning off the firewall and resetting the device but no success.

    J. Smith

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