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Unclutter not working

  • I have unclutter installed using

    sudo apt-get install unclutter

    Everything says it install perfectly fine but the cursor still appears on boot up of the mirror.The cursor disappears only when I move the mouse. I am going insane here. Thanks in advance!

  • @yolomcyolo any fix for this yet?

  • You have install unclutter but not configure it!

    start a ssh session, log in to you pi an type following command:

    sudo nano /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

    The entries of this file begins wit an @ for program’s witch are started by a GUI

    @xscreensaver -no-splash
    @xset s off
    @xset -dpms
    @xset s noblank

    After saving this, restart your pi an check the status of you mouse cursor.

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