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MagicMirror project for sister

  • @blaukon hey well done man. Amazing job.
    Please help me understand the following:

    1. how did you attach the monitor and the mirror together?

    2. How did you hold the monitor to the frame?

    3. Is the frame strong enough to hold the mirror and the monitor?

  • @bachoo786
    sadly, I do not have more pictures or access to the mirror at the moment - alt text

    But I made 3d modell in tinkercad to show you the necessary construction:

    alt text
    -> orange: mirrorglass (bigger than the hole)
    alt text

    -> monitor right onto the glass
    alt text

    alt text

    the frame is massiv, about 2-2.5cm wood, I have absolutly no worries that this frame would brake by itself 🙂
    and that’s basically how it’s mounted:
    alt text

  • Hi, I have seen the video and its great work.

    I have similar setup with yours i.e.: AssistantMK2 and Kinobo USB mic (not Akiro but that mini USB one) and it is nowhere as sensitive as yours. I have to speak almost next to the microphone for the hotword to activate AssistantMK2. This reduce the mirror usability considerably.

    Can you please let me know what you have done to increase the sensitivity? so far, I have increased mic to max sensitivity with ALSA mixer but still nowhere near yours.


  • hi, all I did is to set a higher but not too high sensitivity via alsa mixer or on desktop - right click on audio - audio input - input device settings and adjust the sesitivity:
    alt text

    did you test your mic? arecord test.wav -> aplay test.wav?

  • Thanks @blaukon

    Yes, i tried to raise the sensitivity via UI and Terminal. Volume from arecord is still very low.

    If I replace the mic, is it direct replacement or any configuration required?

  • if your recoding is still quiet, even when you’ve raised the sensitivity, it’s mostlikly your microphone 😕
    I’ve bought this one
    and also one that looked like 99% the same, was cheaper, but wayyy worse in comparison.

  • @blaukon I’m doing also same project.
    Sir can you please share the Back up file of this project.
    I’m trying from last 3 months but unable to complete.
    Please share with me.

  • @blaukon yep its definetely the mic. I will change and reply back.


  • @blaukon hey so are you saying your mirror glass is bigger than your monitor?

    I have the issue if the mirror glass is bigger than the monitor then the edge which is not covered by the monitor it needs to be painted black or covered with a black material. This causes reflection issues on the mirror from the front I.e. you can see distorted images on the edge I.e. the image looks stretched…

  • @bachoo786
    hey, as far as I can remember, the glass is slightly bigger than the monitor and the frame is also slightly bigger than the glass, no tape was used, since you only see the monitor in the frame and not the “frame” of the 27" monitor.

    tried to show it graphically with my old expanded notebookdisplay:
    alt text

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