MagicMirror² v2.14.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

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  • wtf happened to wikis?
    Started installing yesterday, today went there and it’s all gone…

    What have i missed??

  • Module Developer

    Malheurement, je vais fermer l’utilisation de GA/A2D sous MagicMirror (et TOUS les autres modules aussi !)
    Je vais donc creer ma propre version de MagicMirror dans quelques jours !

    ce sera a vous de choisir … soit utiliser ma version de MagicMirror et mes modules
    OU utiliser la version original de MagicMirror SANS mes modules

    Vous pouvez applaudir et Merci a @MichMich

    Unfortunately, I will close the use of GA/A2D under MagicMirror (and OTHERS modules too !)
    So I will be creating my own version of MagicMirror in a few days!

    it will be up to you to choose … either use my version of MagicMirror and my modules
    OR use the original version of MagicMirror WITHOUT my modules

    You can applaud and Thanks to @MichMich

    @rejas : 🤐

  • La classe 👍🏻
    J’ai hâte de voir ce que ca va donner!

  • bonjour, ca évolue dans le bon sens. je vais attendre ta version avec impatience.
    j’espère que ce sera pas un systeme fermer et que l’on puisse toujours y ajouté d’autre module.
    a bientot.

  • Module Developer

    Hi all 😉

    I clarify something there with this github issue reponse

    It’s not because i try to resulve ONE issue … that there is a chance so see ANY of module working with Original MagicMirror…

    it just slows down my migration process…

    I repeat again:
    There is NO WAY to have a @bugsounet module working with original MagicMirror !
    ALL of my module will works ONLY with @bugsounet MagicMirror version… but at this moment nothing is ready to use !

  • Hi,
    but then please let the previous modules continue to run.
    The MMM-Tools now permanently show an update.
    It still runs to full satisfaction and does not want to be blocked by an update.
    Find this all very sad


  • When you work together it is a super product but with this it’s gonna be half baked.

  • @lxne Hi, did you find any solution for this?

  • Admin


    I notice in your README that you write:

    Mich don’t want me … i will do MY own !

    I’m not sure where you got that Idea. I only explained I can’t always respond to all issues due to the lack of time.

    It’s your choice to abandon the MagicMirror² project (which I think is absolutely unnecessary), but please don’t spread misinformation. Thanks.

  • Module Developer


    I suggested you discuss it last week by email … about this subject!
    I wouldn’t say no reason in public and you too I think it’s up to us

    To all user: In any case … (and temporarily), ALL modules are back online

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