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covid bell curve line graph tracker

  • @sdetweil kind of a simple question, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the color of the dates, and the countries names to white?? I looked everywhere and tried my custom css file to no avail…

  • @almostgithub >change the color of the dates, and the countries names to white??

    sorry, don’t understand… they are white already (not bright white)

    I currently don’t provide access to those settings…

    this is all controlled by the charting library I am using…
    I would have to add settings to enable access

  • @almostgithub Ok I’ve added some.

    git pull in the module folder,

    here are the things u can set… will get to the doc in the morning

        chartTitleColor: 'white',
        chart_title: '',
        xAxisLabel:"by date",

  • @sdetweil oh wow! Thanks so much, thats awesome!! They are grey on my mirror and makes it hard to read the legend and dates.

    edit: after a git pull and npm install, it seems to be stuck on MyCovid19 Loading data for chart “cumulative_deaths”

    edit: Saw this in the issues tab, will ask there

  • new update, data source changed … after git pull, need to run npm install again to update the library used to read the data (csv instead of xlsx)

  • @sdetweil can you drop an example of the config for two graphs displayed at once?

    Edit: nevermind, I was overthinking it.

  • grrr… data source not yet updated today… waiting, sent them a note…

    I switched to the csv file (available earlier)…

    now xlsx is right, csv, json and xml files not updated… and in the xlsx, they changed the column headings…

  • @sdetweil after sending email, they have updated the csv file now…

    also, uploaded new version with lots of text formatting control, see the now long readme
    also added ability to change the start date for the chart, see startDate in the readme

  • now supports states charts too

    git pull,

    in config states:[] vs countries:[]

    alt text

  • Looks great! I’m looking forward in using this module, but I just don’t get the chart dimensions to work, the size is always the same, big, and it doesn’t matter which region I use.

    This is my config

                                disabled: false,
                                        chart_title:"Cumulative Cases",
                                        startDate: "03/01/2020",
                                        backgroundColor: "transparent",
                                        width: 300,
                                        height: 500,

    And this is the result, I’ll try to attach a screen capture, let’s see if I can!

    alt text

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