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  • Hello everyone! I have started once module with my friend (I am not the Coder, but he is), but we never finished it. Please help to make it from scratch and post it for everyone who may also need it.

    The idea is
    I have connected the LED strip as shown here (except I used other pins):

    Required functionality:

    1. When the motion sensor is triggered, the monitor turns on from sleep.
    2. Magic Mirror is shown on the monitor: weather, news, greetings depending on current time (standard features of MM)
    3. When a person is in motion in front of the mirror for more than 2 minutes, it turns on the RGB-Led- strip in color cycled mode with colors changing from one to another.
    4. If there is no movement for 5 minutes, turn off the LED-strip and put the monitor in sleep mode.

    Here is an old file that we have managed to do, but not sure if it is even correct and connection scheme

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