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MMM-Modulebar not working

  • Hello and good afternoon,

    I have one problem with mmm-modulebar only one module is working, if I add new one number two or tree, this modules are not working. Here my config, maybe anybody can help me.

    {       		module: "MMM-Modulebar",
           			position: "top_bar", // This can be any of the regions.
    			//header: "Module", // Optional
            		classes: "default everyone", // Optional
            		config: {
            			buttons: {
          					"1": {
          						module: "MMM-iFrame",
          						text: "SmartHome",
    						symbol: "cloud",
    						"2": {
          						module: "MMM-EARTH",
          						text: "Erde",
    						symbol: "star-o",

    Many thanks in advance!!

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