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Gave dog Meds Y/N button with display, reset at midnight

  • I have a MM setup without the mirror (I’m not pretty, lol). My home dynamic is such that it is hard to remember if someone gave the dog his seizure meds. I have the a chore list on the MM but the kids never seem to remember if they did the meds or not. I can solve this issue with other means but would like to use the MM as a visual cue/reminder.

    The end state I was looking for is a Module that changes based upon a button press to either a picture or text signifying that the dog got his meds. Also, the module would reset at midnight each day.

    I have some old ESP8266’s laying around and thought to connect a button to ESP and use as HTTP server and send to MM. However, I am running my MM on a HP Mini with Lubuntu and thought a keyboard button could act as the “switch” to toggle the display.

    The few things I have found seem to be over engineered for what I am looking for. It just seems that this could be useful to more folks than just me.

    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts or direction on how to proceed.

  • Even though I am not using RPi, I am going to try to reconfigure MMM-button. I will post if I figure something out.

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