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How to fix code for complete beginners

  • Hi,

    I’ve come to realize that I am going to be posting a lot on here. I want to try and mitigate that by finding out some way to fix my code on my own. I am not a programmer, I am a beginner carpenter that wanted to try my hand at this. Where can I get some very basic help on how to fix my code? I have tried linters but I don’t know enough about code to figure out where I am going wrong, even with the linters help. Would appreciate any feedback.

  • Module Developer

    I’ve found will help me figure out most of how things work, then I add in the code for making it work with the mirror.

  • Project Sponsor

    Most of the time, you will interact with your mirror by modifying the config.js file. Once you get comfortable with using that file to control how your mirror looks, you can then move on to writing code and creating new modules. But let’s start with the configuration.

    The config.js file is basically a JSON file with some stuff at the top & bottom. A good understand of JSON will get you most of the way there.

    The other bit of advice that I can throw out there is that when the mirror gives you a warning, it is just that: a warning. The warning will not need your attention most of the time. When the mirror tells you about an error, that’s when you have to change something. That will help you focus upon what is important and what is cluttering up your log files.

  • Module Developer

    I’ll agree here - I made sure to have the mirror set up exactly how I wanted it, CSS, config, modules (minus one I couldn’t find) etc, long before I attempted to program my first module. . I then dove into the module building using the previously mentioned to create that missing module for me.

    Due to work obligations, I haven’t been able to get back to it, but I plan to do that soon, and fix up things that people have asked for.

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