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Smart Devices and sensors

  • Hi, is there a chance to get a module which shows all active smart devices and status.
    I was thinking about a combination of the hue module with something also showing the xiaomi door sensors etc.
    Or maybe a module showing only xiaomi sensors and aqara sensors? Happy to discuss.

  • @duxnobis and ewelink light 🙂

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    Good luck with that. Philips, WeeMo, TP-Link… they all have their own APIs and their own control architectures. Hell, Amazon doesn’t work with all of them and they have actual resources to throw at the problem.

    It’s possible. Just about anything is possible. But I don’t know if you’re going to get it.

    Possibly your best bet is to research and see if there is a home automation framework that interfaces with all of these different smart devices. I know there’s a framework that works with all/most of the cloud providers to spin up virtual machines (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, etc.) called JClouds. If there is a similar framework for these devices, that might be the fastest way to build such a module.

  • I’m a bit wondering what you are trying to do. Do you want to show which devices are on the network and working, or show the actual readings/states of the devices?

    If it’s the latter I would recommend Homeassistant or OpenHAB. Both interface with a lot of sensors and smart home tech, and pulling data from them is quite easy as well. I use Grafana as an intermediary to show the locally measured outside temperatures of the last couple hours.

  • @klaernie Yes, at the end of the day I wanted to have a nice overview of what is installed and what status it has:

    • Hue Lamp 1 - On
    • Aqara Door sensor X - Open
    • Aqara Window sensor X - Closed

  • @duxnobis

    Yes checkout HomeAssistant, it supports Hue and Aqara, and then you can use MMM-HomeAssistant-sensors (snille fork)to pull that information into MagicMirror if you want