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Changing customcss for third party modules.

  • Hi. I’ve added boxes around modules using (for example):

    .module.newsfeed {

    and that works fine. When I try the same thing with the module Background slide show:

    .module.MMM-BackgroundSlideshow {

    It doesn’t take the settings. Does anyone know why?

    As a bonus question, is there a way to change the colour of the header text in the default calendar module?


  • @nibov33070 cause backgroundSlideshow IS a background… so the image overlays the color

  • Thanks for the reply. I was a bit unclear, I was talking about the info option that shows the name of the image being shown. I’ve discovered that the settings are in the BackgroundSlideshow.css file under
    .MMM-BackgroundSlideshow .info {
    If I change the file directly, it works, but if I add
    .MMM-BackgroundSlideshow .info {
    to the customcss file, it still doesn’t take effect.

  • @nibov33070 sorry, you are still unclear… there is an entry in the css.
    you looked at the code and it uses the info class

    but if u edit the info class (to be the same as the already existing class???) it doesn’t work?

    in the config for the module it says this is required

    showImageInfo: true, 

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