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First mirror as a birthday present for my syster

  • i just finished a mirror for my sisters birthday.
    It is a old 24" fujitsu monitor with 1920*1200 resolution.

    i completely disassambled the monitor, added some screws and build a vesa compatible mounting mechanism for the mirror.

    The monitor has benn centered in a 90cm width and 60cm height base plate. The mirror glas has been glued on the baseplate with a very strong double sided tape.

    Its an older monitor, so it is not that slim. therefore i integrated some indirect RGB lighting.

    it was very bright when i took the photos, so its hard to read. It will be placed in her entrance area which is not that bright.

    mirror without glas
    mirror mount
    monitor disassambled

  • @kse very nice! congratulations

  • Project Sponsor

    @kse lovely build! The led strip for my MM is still in progress.

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