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MagicMirror on Dual Screen

  • Hello People,
    I am building a MagicMirror on Pi4. And since it has 2 hdmi out ports and I have a few monitors lying around, thought it will be a good idea to build a 3 feet x 2 feet mirror with two screens. Its in early phase right now as I am still configuring it. I am using two monitors in extended mode (not duplicating it).
    How can I run magic mirror on both screens. I have created two instances of magicmirror in two folders, mm1 and mm2. I can run each of them successfully but they run on the same monitor only.
    I need to run mm1 instance on monitor 1 and mm2 instance on monitor 2. Please guide. Thanks…

  • This is something you would have to add to the electron logic. Something like this

  • @geek_kaushal in one config.js add


    where ??? is the width of the screen, to put that mm on the second screen

    on my Pi4
    it is

  • once you have one of the electron instances up and selected use the shortcut key (super (windows key) + shift + [left, right, up, down]) to move it to a difference screen. this works on most linux distros but not sure if this would work on rasbian. if this doesn’t work i’ll write a script.

  • @Cpaczek Looks Promising, I will give it a go in a few hours and post results here.

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