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G-assistant and Spotify

  • Has anyone faced any issue with google assistant and Spotify as in, while playing any music on Spotify on the magicmirror, if I activate the google assistant, it interacts with me in normal volume but later on the volume of the music goes to 100% post google assistant interaction.

  • Are you sure that’s an MMM-GoogleAssistant or Spotify issue ?
    because natively MMM-GoogleAssistant can’t control Spotify volume

  • @Bugsounet I really can’t figure out what issue is that. For instance I was playing Spotify in my android tv in another room, when I run the google assistant in my mirror, after interacting with the assistant the volume of the Spotify on my android tv goes to 100% in my android tv, same case of I’m playing Spotify on my mirror, the volume goes to 100%. I don’t know how to figure out the problem.

  • @Bugsounet I don’t know how to figure out the problem.
    So I have tried various combinations such as
    G-assistant(phone)+Spotify (phone)= fine
    Assistant (mirror)+Spotify(phone)=fine
    Spotify(mirror)+assistant (phone=fine
    Assistant (mirror)+Spotify (mirror)= volume increases to 100%

    And then I tried with android tv
    Spotify (tv) + assistant (tv) = fine
    Assistant (mobile) + Spotify (tv)= fine
    Spotify (phone) + assistant (tv)= fine
    Spotify (mirror) + assistant (tv)= fine
    Assistant (mirror) + Spotify (tv) = volume increases to 100%.

    Try to reproduce this issue, I can only conclude that there might be some bug in the google assistant module.

  • hi, yes it’s +/- a tmp bug

    • A2D control librespot device.
    • I reduce the volume (minVolume) on google response
    • I put maxVolume on standby

    -> I have to register actual volume before reduce volume
    -> I have to set old volume value on standby mode

    note: maxVolume and minVolume is on spotify: {} field of A2D Config

  • @Bugsounet thanks for looking into it, I hope it will be fixed soon

  • @sdmydbr : Corrected with v2.3.3 of A2D

  • @Bugsounet thank you 🤩

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