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OwnCloud integration

  • I’d like to use OwnCloud as the calendar service for the MagicMirror, and would like to find out if there are others, that use OwnCloud as backend as well. Similarly OwnCloud could be used as a server backend for other data, like todo lists or even new feeds. I would like to understand if others also interesting in using OwnCloud.

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    Doesn’t Owncloud provide a ical url? You could use that without any problem in the calendar module 🙂

  • as i can see in my owncloud they are providing CalDAV adresses. I’m not using the calendar function but should be no problem to integrate.

  • Hello,
    I would also like to sync the MM with my owncloud calendar. The bad news is, that you need a username and a password for the owncloud ical file. I didn’t find an option to enter a user and password in the MM-Modul. So I tried to do a workaround (this project is my first expirience with JS, so it’s pretty hard for me to understand.) I found a little bash script to download the ical file to my homefolder. But I can’t enter the homefolder location with the MM-Modul. Perhaps someone has a good idea to do this job. 🙂

    curl $ical -u$user:$pw > $dir’MYical.ics’

  • I found another important information. It’s still very dirty, and everyone who knows how to do something like this will just laugh about me, but I got a working way to import my owncloud calendar. I just changed the directory to /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/default/calendar/public
    and added the following to the config.js:

                        config: {
                                calendars: [
                                                symbol: 'calendar-check-o ',
                                                url: ''

    this is my bash script now:

    curl $ical -u$user:$pw > $dir’MYical.ics’

    so you only have to make a cronjob now, which starts the bash script.

    I hope this helps someone, even if it is very, very dirty… 🙂

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    Why not do in the config?

  • @paviro said in OwnCloud integration:

    Why not do in the config?

    because it doesn’t work. 🙂 I got this Error in the console:
    logger.js:23 Calendar Error. Could not fetch calendar:

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    Can you try executing curl -L in a shell?

  • hmmm… that works…

  • ok, now it works completly. Perhaps I had a mistake inside my code. Thank you for your help!

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