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Room climate module

  • I am just starting with my magic mirror. I have made a start on the programming and simultaneously working on the design of the mirror itself.

    I have found that a panel frame could hold the mirror itself while looking like a floating mirror. Here is my question, I plan on involving a climate monitor as part of the setup to display live data such as humidity, temperature and so forth. The module itself will be mounted on a acrylic backboard behind the mirror. Do I need to involve air circulation into the design? And if so is a frame going to cause the module to not correctly monitor the conditions in the room…

  • @Project-mirror I would guess yes, u need some airflow, and yes, the reduced airflow will cause the temp and humidity readings to be wrong

  • @sdetweil Thank you for the reply. Does the climate monitoring module need to be positioned away from the mirror and frame or can you achieve an accurate reading if the mirror housing is designed to account for this?

  • @Project-mirror no idea. u would have to test that. I don’t know the sensor design, in terms of space used and sensitivity.

    my ecobee additional sensors appear to have a very wide view ( not quite 180 degrees) and are very slow to notice changes, with about a 30 minute lag

  • Project Sponsor

    I fully share @sdetweil assement regarding the sensor. Additionally you have to account for the intrinsic inaccuracies of the sensor. You’ll have to conduct several tests and compare the results to get a conclusion if the position of the sensor is is suitable or not.

  • Module Developer

    The problem with having the mirror and the sensor so close is that the heat from the monitor and the pi itself will mess with the readings of the sensor.

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