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    [2.13.0] - 2020-10-01

    Special thanks to the following contributors: @bryanzzhu, @bugsounet, @chamakura, @cjbrunner, @easyas314, @larryare, @oemel09, @rejas, @sdetweil & @sthuber90.

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install.


    • --dry-run option adde in fetch call within updatenotification node_helper. This is to prevent
      MagicMirror from consuming any fetch result. Causes conflict with MMPM when attempting to check
      for updates to MagicMirror and/or MagicMirror modules.
    • Test coverage with Istanbul, run it with npm run test:coverage.
    • Add lithuanian language.
    • Added support in weatherforecast for OpenWeather onecall API.
    • Added config option to calendar-icons for recurring- and fullday-events.
    • Added current, hourly (max 48), and daily (max 7) weather forecasts to weather module via OpenWeatherMap One Call API.
    • Added eslint-plugin for jsdoc comments.
    • Added new configDeepMerge option for module developers.


    • Change incorrect weather.js default properties.
    • Cleaned up newsfeed module.
    • Cleaned up jsdoc comments.
    • Cleaned up clock tests.
    • Move lodash into devDependencies, update other dependencies.
    • Switch from ical to node-ical library.


    • Fix backward compatibility issues for Safari < 11.
    • Fix the use of “maxNumberOfDays” in the module “weatherforecast depending on the endpoint (forecast/daily or forecast)”. #2018
    • Fix calendar display. Account for current timezone. #2068
    • Fix logLevel being set before loading config.
    • Fix incorrect namespace links in svg clockfaces. #2072
    • Fix weather/providers/weathergov for API guidelines. #2045
    • Fix “undefined” in weather modules header. #1985
    • Fix #2110, #2111, #2118: Recurring full day events should not use timezone adjustment. Just compare month/day.

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