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  • dear members
    I am a beginner with programming and my english is not great, I have a raspberry pi 4 8gb, MagicMirror installed and some modules, that all went well with all the info on your forum, but I have a problem.
    i want to change the size and colors, and i understand i have to do that through custom.css.
    but the custon.css folder is completely empty with me.
    what is the solution for this.
    thanks in advance richard!

  • Hey Richard.

    Its normal that the custom.css is already empty.

    The MM has his own css… Called Main.css.
    Every Module has is own css too. For example its Called Modulename.css.

    When You want to change something(customise it) , You can write it in your custom.css.

  • okay thanks
    go try it

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