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Can this glass be salvaged?

  • I’ve been wanting to build a magic mirror for a while and was lucky enough to be given a piece of 2-way glass, but my excitement faded when I tested it in front of a monitor and found it’s quite dark and not particularly reflective. It looks like what you see when you look at a car window that has a dark tint.

    In the shot below I set a handheld mirror next to the 2 way glass to illustrate the difference.
    2 way mirror example

    My question is, is this just due the inherent properties of the glass or will it be improved when I black out the area behind the glass? Or is there any other treatment or polishing that would improve reflectiveness?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions…

  • Module Developer

    Throw something dark behind it and see what happens.

  • Project Sponsor

    It looks like there’s not a lot of reflectiveness to that mirror. You’re not going to improve on that. On the plus side, it means that whatever is behind that glass will show through really well. 🙂

    I think you can salvage it, but you’ll probably want to put the mirror in a bright area. The transmission through the glass should be very good, so you’ll be able to see the content even in a brightly lit room.

  • @bhepler Thanks for the feedback. For this first project I do need something quite a bit more reflective so I think I’ll continue the conversation with the glass shop to see what else they can source.

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