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    [2.14.0] - 2021-01-01

    Special thanks to the following contributors: @Alvinger, @AndyPoms, @ashishtank, @bluemanos, @flopp999, @jakemulley, @jakobsarwary1, @marvai-vgtu, @mirontoli, @rejas, @sdetweil, @Snille & @Sub028.

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install.


    • Added new log level “debug” to the logger.
    • Added new parameter “useKmh” to weather module for displaying wind speed as kmh.
    • Chuvash translation.
    • Added Weatherbit as a provider to Weather module.
    • Added SMHI as a provider to Weather module.
    • Added Hindi & Gujarati translation.
    • Added optional support for DEGREE position in Feels like translation.
    • Added support for variables in nunjucks templates for translate filter.
    • Added Chuvash translation.
    • Calendar: new options “limitDays” and “coloredEvents”.
    • Added new option “limitDays” - limit the number of discreet days displayed.
    • Added new option “customEvents” - use custom symbol/color based on keyword in event title.
    • Added GitHub workflows for automated testing and changelog enforcement.


    • Merging .gitignore in the config-folder with the .gitignore in the root-folder.
    • Weather module - forecast now show TODAY and TOMORROW instead of weekday, to make it easier to understand.
    • Update dependencies to latest versions.
    • Update dependencies eslint, feedme, simple-git and to latest versions.
    • Update lithuanian translation.
    • Update config sample.
    • Highlight required version mismatch.
    • No select Text for TouchScreen use.
    • Corrected logic for timeFormat “relative” and “absolute”.
    • Added missing function call in
    • Translator variables can have falsy values (e.g. empty string)
    • Fix issue with weather module with DEGREE label in FEELS like


    • Removed Travis CI intergration.


    • JSON Parse translation files with comments crashing UI. (#2149)
    • Calendar parsing where RRULE bug returns wrong date, add Windows timezone name support. (#2145, #2151)
    • Wrong node-ical version installed (package.json) requested version. (#2153)
    • Fix calendar fetcher subsequent timing. (#2160)
    • Rename Greek translation to correct ISO 639-1 alpha-2 code (gr > el). (#2155)
    • Add a space after icons of sunrise and sunset. (#2169)
    • Fix calendar when no DTEND record found in event, startDate overlay when endDate set. (#2177)
    • Fix windspeed convertion error in ukmetoffice weather provider. (#2189)
    • Fix console.debug not having timestamps. (#2199)
    • Fix calendar full day event east of UTC start time. (#2200)
    • Fix non-fullday recurring rule processing. (#2216)
    • Catch errors when parsing calendar data with ical. (#2022)
    • Fix Default Alert Module does not hide black overlay when alert is dismissed manually. (#2228)
    • Weather module - Always displays night icons when local is other then English. (#2221)
    • Update Node-ical 0.12.4 , fix invalid RRULE format in cal entries
    • Fix package.json for optional electron dependency (2378)
    • Update node-ical version again, 0.12.5, change RRULE fix (#2371, #2379)
    • Remove undefined objects from modules array (#2382)
    • Update node-ical version again, 0.12.7, change RRULE fix (#2371, #2379), node-ical now throws error (which we catch)
    • Update simple-git version to 2.31 unhandled promise rejection (#2383)

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