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Display random gif from folder

  • I want to make a gif weather module and control it with my Home Assistant + node red.

    I want to be able to show/hide random gifs from a local folder so I have different folders with rain, sunny and cloudy related gifs etc. And then send some kind of remote command (MQTT, HTTP or any other) to show gifs from that specific folder. All other automations can I do within Node red. I’ve found different modules that can display gifs but none that can first display random gifs, and then a module that in some way display from different folders on command.

    Any idea where to find this and what modules to combine?

    Hope you understand what I want and want to achieve. Huge thanks in advance 🙂

  • This seems perfect just missing some kind of folder selection or some way to choose what specific group of images to display.

  • @fillilutten Did you checked ? this is showing random images from folder(s) on disk. You need to stop the loop to show one image which should be easily doable.

  • @ashishtank I did but to my understanding I can’t tell that module with some kind of command to start showing images/gifs from one specific folder. That one just continues to the next in order, right? I want to be able to say via mqtt or http or something else - ok, now show random images from the folder called “rain”, “sunny” or “cloudy” etc.

  • @fillilutten That is what I said 🙂 you need to stop the loop to either show one image or you can also tell it to only show images from one specific folder. I think should be easily changed to achieve your requirements

  • Unfortunately, even if it’s probably really easy, I don’t think I have the knowledge to edit in the code. But a new thought was - Isn’t there any module that you can “cast” or send image to? Just to send and img url. Then I could just push a gif or image to the magicmirror and fix all the other automations and etc in Node red + Home assistant.

  • @fillilutten There few modules which can be used to display image or html content MMM-HTMLSnippet and MMM-iFrame but not sure if you can just use them or can send notification to change the content or url.

    If you learn html, css and JS it would be useful and fun 🙂 . I have used MMM-EyeCandy module to show image from notification.

    Do below

    1. get MMM-EyeCandy from
    2. edit the MMM-EyeCandy.js file and add below code.
    else if (notification === 'SHOW_EYECANDY_IMG') {
    			this.url = payload;
    1. full function should look like below
        notificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
            if (notification === 'HIDE_EYECANDY') {
            } else if (notification === 'SHOW_EYECANDY') {
            } else if (notification === 'SHOW_EYECANDY_IMG') {
    			this.url = payload;
    1. Using telegram or remote control module you can send notification SHOW_EYECANDY_IMG with image url to Eye candy to display different image.


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