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Get pictures from synology NAS - "Rediscover This Day"

  • Hey,

    is anyone here who is needing a solution to show own images from the past years? Like the Facebook remember function? The job to sort the images runs on the synology and works with: mysql, exiv2 and copy. I get the Exif data from each image and write it in a sqldb. with bash i get the files in a local folder (incl. resize for the mirror). The raspberry is copy the images in a local folder. Here dit i use the MMM-ImagesPhoto Plugin.

    my solution ist very simple and usable with the latest synology firmware. If anyone want read this, in wich category can i post it?!
    Not the right resolution, but you can see the what i mean…


  • Hi !!!
    that’s the exact function that i want !
    I also have a synology where my pics are stored !

    Can you please contact me with your Project info or write it down there ?

    Thank you very much

  • Own a Synology and would LOVE to do this!! Contact me for sure…interested!!

  • Hello,

    i help me here very simple. on the Magicmirror side, i have a cronjob what get pictures every day per ssh/scp. To use this, i have add the magicmirror device to the knownhosts on the synology side (google for it).

    on Synology side:
    This Script is get the exif data of the images. write it to a CSV and then, get the path and write it to a mysqldb (This Script i run once every year one time per hand … i dont know it works perfectly… I think, that here are better coding people… this is quick and dirty. But it works for me. I cant show the Magicmirror side now, i am not at home - but you can use every Plugin with a upload folder… i can show my “Plugin” in the next days if you want…

    # This script is get the exif data (if set) from all
    # pictures (jpg/JPG) in a define path (recursiv).
    # It writes the data to am MYSQL Database.
    # It works native with Synology DSM (Tested with 6.0.2-xxxx)
    # To use this script, put in the  root folder of your photos
    # chmod 775 ./ make the script executable
    # ./ execute the scriptfile
    # Where want you present your files?
    # Variables for the temp files (will delete at End of the Script
    # MySql Data
    shopt -s globstar extglob
    exiv2 -pa -g DateTimeOriginal **/*.@(jpg|JPG) |
    awk -v pwd="$PWD/" -v dq='"' -v OFS=',' '{
        fn = substr($0, 1, match($0, / *Exif\.Photo/)-1)
    	    print dq pwd fn dq,  dq $(NF-1) dq, dq $NF dq
    		}' >$exportcsv
    mysql -u$username -p$password -e "use $database" -e "
    TRUNCATE Bilder;"
    # Write data to mysql
    for f in $exportcsv
    mysql -u$username -p$password -e "use $database" -e "
    		INTO TABLE $table

    This script is copying and resizing the images:

    #remove old images
    rm /volume1/Intern/Fotos/Bilder/import.csv
    rm /volume1/Intern/Fotos/MagicMirror/*.*
    #Get Date from tommorow
    DATE=$(date --date='1 day' +%m-%d)
    #DATE=$(date +%m-%d)
    #MYSQL Query by date from tomorrow
    id=$(mysql -uroot -pPASSWORD -s -N -e "SELECT path FROM ExifData.Bilder WHERE date like '%$DATE' INTO OUTFILE '$importcsv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY ''")
    # Copy files with exifdata from tomorow before one,two, three or whatever years
    while read p; do
    cp "$p" $imagepath
    done < $importcsv #(DELETE THE SPACE BETWEEN < AND $!!!!)
    cd $imagepath
    shopt -s nullglob
    for f in *.JPG *.jpg *.jpeg; do
      exiv2 -r "$i"_%d.%m.%Y_%H.%M.%S rename ./"$f"
    for f in *.JPG *.jpg *.jpeg; do
    	convert -thumbnail 800 ./"$f" ./"${f%}.jpg"
    	rm ./"$f"

    I hope this helps - you can do it! Have fun!

  • Awesome ! I will try this soon !! Thank’s again !

  • what about your photo plugin ?

  • Moderator

  • Yes @yawns,

    this is the plugin what i use. i have only customize the css stuff.

  • would LOVE to do this!!

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