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How to make it as slim as possible?

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    @leadfarmer I’m just thinking about the backlight of the screen, since no monitor has pure black there will always be bleed through on the mirror, and with a smaller monitor you get more visible edges than if you try to run the monitor as close to the mirrors edges as possible.

    In a bright lighted room in most cases it doesn’t matter, but still, trying to eliminate that will make for a better magicmirror 🙂

  • @broberg good point. You’d still get the bleed on the right hand edge though?

  • @broberg speaking of the ‘bleed’ from the monitor - what percentage of light comes through your mirror? I was looking at 70-80% reflective…

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    @leadfarmer yeah you would get an edge to the right, but just to the right, not right and up 🙂

    I have a mirror with 57% reflection and 3% light transmission, 3% isn’t much and will probably give me a bit of an issue if the bathroom turns out to become super bright. But with only one window and dark tiles I’m hoping it will be enough crossing fingers

    57% reflection gives a slight dark reflection, 65-75% would make for a better mirror surface.

  • @broberg hmmm that might be why you get a more obvious bleed.

    I might see if I can get some different samples and I’ll test which works the best.

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    @leadfarmer actually 3% is better at hiding the backlight bleed through, since it lets less light thruu the coating, but it also effectivly dampens all light, so less visibility for whats being displayed. It helps to use a heavier and larger size font on everything 🙂

    If you can choose, try getting at least 12% light transmission, reading around the interwebbz 20% for normal lighted rooms and 40% for daylighy/really bright rooms.

  • @broberg Thanks. I’ve contacted a local window tint shop and will pick up some samples in a few days when my monitor arrives. Means I can test different options over the monitor display and over the edge of the monitor.

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    There you have it! 🙂 Many hands make light work! Ask a question and VIOLA! 🙂

    Glad you are finding what you need… someday some ‘new’ guy/gal will be asking a question you can easily answer… that’s how we roll round here. 🙂

  • Hey sorry this is a really old post, but I found that using a laptop LCD with a display adapter helped me make my mirror under 1 inch in thickness. The glass I used was 6mm, and the thickest component I have is the raspberry pi, at about half an inch.

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