Boxing in the News Ticker Title?

  • Hi there

    Is it possible to box in my news ticker title - BBC News ?
    like this, or a variation if this is not possible?
    Even just puting the letters BBC into an individual boxes - White box with letter B placed in, then change the color of font to red?.. also to enlarge the font size there too?
    I’m sure others would like this idea too for their News Network of choice.


  • 0_1488200557852_BBC-News.png

  • Module Developer

    Switch out your newsfeed module configuration in the config to this one :

    			module: 'newsfeed',
    			position: 'lower_third',
    			config: {
    				feeds: [
    						title: "BBC",
    						url: ""
    				showSourceTitle: false,
    				showPublishDate: true

    add this to your custom.css

    .newsfeed {
      background-image: url('bbc1.png');
      background-color: white;
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      background-position: -1px -1px;
      padding-top: 10px;
      padding-bottom: 10px;
      border: 2px solid #910000;
      border-radius: 10px;
      font-size: 15px;
    .newsfeed .bright {
      color: #910000;
      font-size: 50px;
      line-height: 60px;


    And place it in your css folder

  • @broberg

    Wow thanks a lot for that… half expected a “Cant be done” so will go do that pronto
    Brilliant, just Brilliant :-)

  • Module Developer

    @johnnyboy Do note however that this will not change with other newsfeeds, it’s a static setting.
    I.e if you add more newsfeeds it will still say BBC regardless of where the news are from :P

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