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Forum features

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    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick overview of some of the features supported by this forum.


    You can format your posts by using Markdown, see for how to use it.
    Syntax Highlighting is also supported.

    const test = "Hello world!";

    Pushbullet & Two-Factor Authentication

    Go to your user profile and press the blue menu button.

    0_1461958265256_useraccount page.png

    Pushbullet will send notifications directly to your phone, so you never miss a post you subscribed to. Two-Factor Authentication can further secure your account from unwanted access.


    When opening a new thread you can add a poll to your post, just hit the button in the editor. The poll will be added to the top of your post.


    You can quickly link to a GitHub repository or user account by using [ card : MichMich / MagicMirror ] or [ card : paviro ] (you have to remove the spaces for it to work).

    Reference other users

    Use the @ sign to reference another user.
    Hello, @MichMich! If you hover over a linked name, you get some infos about the user. If you tap the blue menu button in the appearing window you can see, there is also a chat you can use to talk to a user directly, of course you also find that option on the users profile page.

    That’s about it for now. Have fun using the forum and of course working on your mirror!

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