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Showcase Cleanup!

  • Moderator

    Folks, I’m going to start splitting some of the topics in here. The Showcase thread is meant to be exactly that, to showcase/announce your awesome module. Unfortunately, most of them has turned into trouble shooting as well, and for a new user coming here to look for modules, it’s hard to find anything.

    So I will start moving those ‘troubleshooting’ replies to their own thread, specific to the module. I’ll make sure the thread title contains the module name so you know what to look for when checking on your own module.

    If someone accidentally posts a ‘troubleshooting’ question in the Showcase thread, kindly point them to the Troubleshooting one. We will try to stay on top of things and move the post accordingly, but that may not always happen right away.

    Edited to add: You may yell at @paviro for this, it was his idea. I’m just the monkey that pushes buttons when told.

  • I think it’s time to clean it up again! 😉