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MMM-Departures - Public transport departures based on Oeffi data

  • Description:

    I started a module for public transport data which uses the same data as the popular Oeffi smartphone app. Data sources from 13 cities and almost 20 countries are available, see for an overview of available data providers.

    • no API key needed
    • no realtime information provided
    • can display several stations

    Read the documentation on how to determine the provider name and station id’s you want to use.



    Version 0.2.1 (Fixed problem when using relative time)
    Version 0.2 (Options to limit lines and output width)
    Version 0.1 (Initial release)



  • @BenGig Great thing, you did. Was also trying to program a module based on the code the Andreas Schildbach provide. But to say the truth, this job is much more, as I can do. So I’m very happy to find your anouncement.

    I haven’t installed the module, but still have a question. I have no idea, how you implement the module, but Andreas often provide updates in his “Oeffi” to support changes in the APIs of the integrated data provider. So my question is, do your module take automatically advantage of his changes or do you have to reimplement it in your code?

  • Nice! I really love the oeffi app and always thought it’s a pity that it’s not available through an webpage.

    I will definitly test this out and maybe make contributions. Could you provide some screenshots? That would be awesome.

  • I can only guess, but I don’t think the module will need changes. The providers data is fetched through the REST wrapper initially provided for a FHEM home automation module, and I thankfully may use it too. As I understand, behind the wrapper runs a instance of which is actively maintained by Andreas Schildbach. And this enabler is the core unifier for the different providers.

  • @BenGig I know the repository from Andreas, if your module use this code, I suppose his changes will also work on your module. In between, I installed your module and it works perfect for my home town, what else could I need. It’s great.

  • After updating of MM to 2.1.1 and updating your module I get no data anymore. I get only the information “Lade” means load or wait. Any idea why this happens?

    Both was installed with git hub && npm install
    Anything I have to do?

  • No idea yet. I just upgraded to 2.1.1 and have no issues.

    Do you see any error messages in the browser console?

  • @BenGig No, there are no messages belonging your module.

  • I added a global config option which will give some output to the browser console:

          module: 'MMM-Departures',
          position: 'bottom_left',
          config: {
            debug: true,

    Results should look like this:

    Processing station Aazopf
    - Departures found: 5
    -- Processing departure: NFB21,Arth-Goldau, Bahnhof,333
    -- Processing departure: NFB21,Arth-Goldau, Bahnhof,374

    Well, should…

  • @BenGig I tried the debug mode. The only things I get is
    Module helper loaded: MMM-Departure and
    Connecting socket for: MMM-Departure
    nothing else to see. Sorry! 😥

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