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MMM-Departures - Public transport departures based on Oeffi data

  • I have added more debugging output, and an error output on the system console if a call to the web service fails.

    And: most debugging output appears in the browser console. Hit F12 to open the development panel (Firefox or Chrome), and switch to the tab “Console” if not initially active.

  • @BenGig Find out, that the error only occurs if I set

    absoluteTime: false,

    If the parameter is set to true or the parameter is commented out the module works fine. Before the updates this setting works fine.

  • Great, that helped, problem found and fixed!

  • @BenGig Yeah, here the same, it works now. Thanks to you. Just for curiosity, what did you change? What was the problem I have no idea in javascript programming and would like to learn something about it.

  • @sindbad6 I refactored part of the main routine into a subroutine. A variable which was defined in the moved part was also used in the main routine, in the part for absolute time calculation.

  • @BenGig Ok, I understand. At the moment I have two other issues.

    The first is, that even, if I switch off the debug mode, I get dozen of messages in the terminal, where I start the mirror. I suppose the parameter is not handled properly.

    The second is, that the time values for the relative time display flickers for maybe a tenth of a second to another value.

    Can you evaluate this?

  • I’m looking through the git and I don’t see Washington DC listed as a possible sight, am I missing something?

  • @lucallmon maybe a suitable provider can be found, here I can see a general “USA (local and regional, e.g. Philadelphia, Chicago)”. Maybe Washington DC is supported? Since there are so many providers I don’t know in detail what is provided.

    Here in Switzerland the main provider aggregates national and local information for train, bus and tramway, so there is no city specific provider.

  • @sindbad6 Can you paste some of the output? I can see general output from all modules but no debug from mine (and I checked with absoluteTime: false too ;). And the part of the configuration with the debug turned off.

  • @BenGig You find the output below. It’s allways the same. 🙂

    MMM-Departures error: null
    MMM-Departures error: null
    MMM-Departures error: null
    MMM-Departures error: null
    MMM-Departures error: null
    MMM-Departures error: null

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