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Calendar shows "no entries" after MM Update

  • and before I install the Update of MM, everything works fine.

  • @strawberry-3.141 what do you think is the second instance of MM ? There’s only one who listen on 8080 and when I kill this app, my MM close.

  • I am having the same issue. I have multiple calendars in one view and after the update one will not show up and there are current events on that calendar.
    I luckily had backed up my sd card before updating so I just went back to the prior version. This was after troubleshooting multiple items to get the new update to work.

  • Same here, I have two ICS from google calendar, on (from my wife) works fine (when I download ICS it’s 300Kb) and mine doesent work (download of ICS is 1.3MB)

  • I mentioned this in another post, but I am seeing the same behavior described here.

  • We need troubleshooting with this! Who can help? My MM was fantastic before the update.

  • Hello everybody - I know now, that the problem with the google calendar is. As sacha81 wrote : a small calender will be displayed, a big one ( my is 850k) not !! I tested it with a new calendar with 10 entrys. Is there a way to get the old version back ? The calendar is for me the most important item in the magic mirror. Nobody needs a buggy version of MagicMirror.

  • That makes sense, the only calendar that does not show is my largest one. And most important!!

  • Hello everybody. I come with very good News ! I find a solution without the people from MagicMirror.

    1. My old google calendar was too big (850k) and I search earlier for a solution to delete my old calendar entries in the google calendar, e.g. everything before 2017, but there were no function or button at google.
    2. I export my old and heavy ics File from google to my Computer.
    3. I wrote a short python script, which takes the ics header from my ics file, delete everything that is older than 2017 and ended with the original ending from my ics file. The new file is 85k 🙂
    4. I create an test calender to import the ics file - everything is ok.
    5. I delete every !! entrie in my Maincalender (my heart goes up) and import the new light ics file - everything goes fine and the new calendar is shown in the MM calendar.
    6. Delete the test calender
      Another nice thing is, that there are now no old datas in the google calender. For further information, just contact me.

  • Thank you Peter for this idea, it will help to mitigate the issue. But this is only a workaround and not a solution, I want to keep my old entires …

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