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Not connected to the internet module

  • Hi everyone,

    So I’m a real noob at this so please bear with me. I’m requesting a module to be made where if the mirror isn’t connected to the internet, it will display a page telling you to connect to the internet, choose a network and enter your password.

    With this mirror, I like to keep things simple so when I want to change networks, I don’t want to take the whole frame (one piece in my case) apart to connect a mouse into it. I can connect a bluetooth keyboard to the Raspberri pi and type the password with the keyboard.

    I know that I can connect a bluetooth mouse to the Raspberri Pi but I’d don’t want to have to open up the terminal to get to the main screen just to change networks.

    Thank you for any help, it will be really appreciated.

  • Hi Pilster59,

    I’m sorry but I’m curious. you say that you want a “simple” solution but you ask to redevelop the whole UI of the underlying OS to manage wireless connections. why don’t you want to do alt-tab and use the wireless GUI ? at least, it is less bug-prone and will likely manage more type of wireless connexion parameters (WPA2, PSK, etc.)

  • Project Sponsor

    You could probably make the remote module send terminal commands and make it alter the wifi connection, but you would probably have to know the ssid of the network, ie no choosing and clicking the network

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